How Do You Worship In Song?
When brethren assemble to sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs (acappella), varied stages, levels and responses as to worship may unfold. Sister Silence may not sing at all, nor does she open the song book to gain the richness, benefits and responsibilities the message of the song offers. Brother Bewildered, who has only been “in Christ” for two months, may pro... read all »
Holiday Hallucinations
Josh Wallace, staff writer for The Oklahoman, had an interesting article (“Dozens Gather For Pagan Winter Celebration,” December 29, p.3A) related to “The Spiral Circle Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans.” How they came to this philosophy of life is quite interesting. Many of the participants said “they came from traditional Christian homes, but agree... read all »
Are You Hurting??
HURT is no respecter of persons. All ages and stages of people are attacked by hurt (from disease; broken bones; broken hearts; loss of loved ones; unfairness; loneliness, etc.). All ages may be heard to say: “I’m not ready for this;” “I asked for it—what I did was stupid;” “I didn’t do anything wrong, but look what happened;” I don’t understand an... read all »
American Trends, Choices, and God’s Judgment
In Ecclesiastes 11:9, God counsels Young People, wanting them to be happy, assuring them that they have choices, while warning them that He will bring them into judgment. Carefully note that verse: The Appeal: “Be happy, O Young Man, while you are young.” Happy young people are a blessing to other young people, parents, teachers, neighbors—society in genera... read all »
What are Your Goals and Current Emphasis?
As each school year ends, graduates, teachers, parents—people in general—are inclined to form some short-term and long-term plans for the future. Legacy recently supplied information from The Millennial Impact Report, sponsored by the CASE Foundation. It gave heartening information that among the Millennial employees (roughly those born 1980 through 2000), “84 p... read all »
The National Need
Billy Graham Jr. has come to Oklahoma City and stated some things that needed to be said. It reminds one of how the Demons cried out the truth about Jesus, affirming that “You are the Son of God” (cf. Luke 4:41; 8:28; Matthew 8:29). Note some true and solid statements he made: “We’re here today because our nation is in trouble. We’re in trouble spiritually, ... read all »
"UNBELIEVABLE"- A message of Morality; Money; Beer; The Bible
Anheuser-Busch put a full page ad in The Oklahoman (February 17, 2016; p. #A), stating: “Anheuser-Bush has invested hundreds of millions in Oklahoma and provides over 700 great jobs. Now, Senator Clark Jolley has proposed legislation, SJR68, that would force Anheuser-Busch out of Oklahoma and raise the price of beer.With a $1.3 billion deficit in our state, shouldn... read all »
Trends, Truth and Tolerance
In Hosea 11:7 is the sober warning, “My people are bent on turning from Me. Though they call to Him on high, He will not exalt them at all.” In this nation where our Pledge of allegiance still states “one nation under God,” humanism has erected itself to the point God might well describe the nation as a people who “are bent on turning from Me!” While refer... read all »
New Focus For A New Year!
Sad and sobering trends in the land that are crowding out Christ and God, plus demoralizing, and undisciplined domestic problems and patterns, to disastrous and destructive drug and drinking addictions—all in daily doses of carnal conduct that erupt in tears, trials, and terror—make it imperative that God’s people and general public seek a new focus in this New ... read all »
Recognizing God's Gift
Tis’ the season when the Heavenly Host did sing,That to earth had come a “Heavenly King!”“Peace among men,” was the Divine Plan,For a Savior had come to redeem man!The earthly powers, with a jealous air’,On babes enacted slaughter without-a-care;Peace turned to pain without and within;Seeking to thwart God’s plan among men!While “Celebration” relates... read all »