A Message for Church Members
Oft told has been the story of the lad who explained his falling out of bed with the words, “I went to sleep too close to where I got in!” That might be the sobering and sad epithet of some members of the church. Too many have mistakenly taught, “...and now complete your obedience by being baptized into Christ” (cf. Galatians 3:26f; Romans 6:3,4). That convert... read all »
That They May Be Without Excuse!
God is ever evident, while the best of men are quite limited! Watching major TV analysts, who are skilled, highly trained professionals, batter one another over some moral issue or legal procedure, it breeds skepticism that a man like Moses could lift a staff over the Red Sea and make dry land appear (Exodus 14:10-16) until...I take a breath of fresh air, and realize ... read all »
Zealous Students — India Style
While there can be a danger or an abuse in comparing ourselves with other brethren (II Corinthians 10:12), Paul did exhort Timothy to be an example (II Timothy 4:12f), and Peter presents Jesus as an example, in whose steps we are to follow (I Peter 2:21-24). Note an example of some Bible students Jim Waldron presented in his Newsletter (Vol. 51; No. 3; May, 2017).&nbs... read all »
A Father’s Influence
Tim Furrow said to fathers: “Live so that your son, when people tell him that he reminds them of you, will stick out his chest, not his tongue.”¹ The sobering influence of a father on his child was written by Herbert Parker: “To get his good night kiss he stood beside my chair one night, And raised an eager face to me, A face with love alight. And as I gat... read all »
How Do You Worship In Song?
When brethren assemble to sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs (acappella), varied stages, levels and responses as to worship may unfold. Sister Silence may not sing at all, nor does she open the song book to gain the richness, benefits and responsibilities the message of the song offers. Brother Bewildered, who has only been “in Christ” for two months, may pro... read all »
Holiday Hallucinations
Josh Wallace, staff writer for The Oklahoman, had an interesting article (“Dozens Gather For Pagan Winter Celebration,” December 29, p.3A) related to “The Spiral Circle Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans.” How they came to this philosophy of life is quite interesting. Many of the participants said “they came from traditional Christian homes, but agree... read all »
Are You Hurting??
HURT is no respecter of persons. All ages and stages of people are attacked by hurt (from disease; broken bones; broken hearts; loss of loved ones; unfairness; loneliness, etc.). All ages may be heard to say: “I’m not ready for this;” “I asked for it—what I did was stupid;” “I didn’t do anything wrong, but look what happened;” I don’t understand an... read all »
American Trends, Choices, and God’s Judgment
In Ecclesiastes 11:9, God counsels Young People, wanting them to be happy, assuring them that they have choices, while warning them that He will bring them into judgment. Carefully note that verse: The Appeal: “Be happy, O Young Man, while you are young.” Happy young people are a blessing to other young people, parents, teachers, neighbors—society in genera... read all »
What are Your Goals and Current Emphasis?
As each school year ends, graduates, teachers, parents—people in general—are inclined to form some short-term and long-term plans for the future. Legacy recently supplied information from The Millennial Impact Report, sponsored by the CASE Foundation. It gave heartening information that among the Millennial employees (roughly those born 1980 through 2000), “84 p... read all »
The National Need
Billy Graham Jr. has come to Oklahoma City and stated some things that needed to be said. It reminds one of how the Demons cried out the truth about Jesus, affirming that “You are the Son of God” (cf. Luke 4:41; 8:28; Matthew 8:29). Note some true and solid statements he made: “We’re here today because our nation is in trouble. We’re in trouble spiritually, ... read all »