The Boneless Tongue
Many of you may have seen this quote on Facebook: "The tongue has no bones but it can break hearts." I thought this was a great statement and helps remind us to be careful what we say. It is so easy to let our brains slip out of gear while engaging our tongues. A tongue, without cerebral guidance, is a vehicle out of control. Someone is most likely to get hu... read all »
Through the Eyes of Little Children
Larry Jon Wilson, singer and song writer in the 70’s, wrote a song titled "Through the Eyes of Little Children". It was a poignant reminder that children are observing our behavior, and most likely will develop much of their own ways by patterning ours. In March, the elders began encouraging us as parents and grandparents to read & study the scriptures with our... read all »
Living the Dream
Each day reminds me that I'm one year closer to my time to die. That's not meant to be morbid nor sad, but it is reality. I have thought about this for many years and have concluded that I am (we are), "living the dream". We go to sleep, dream for a short while, and we wake up to continue with whatever life deals us. Our dreams are short compared to our daily liv... read all »
Hermit Crabs
The hermit crab is a small crustacean found in ocean waters worldwide. It is a fascinating little creature closely related to crabs, though not a true crab. It has a soft underbody protected with a shell on its back. But the shell is not his. It is an empty, borrowed one from some other animal. In fact, it uses anything it can fit into as a home and it continually mov... read all »
… one Lord, one faith, one baptism ...
One baptism? Yes, one, according to Ephesians 4:5 quoted above.  Which baptism is the one, then; since many are mentioned in scripture? I believe we find the answer in Acts 19:1-7. Here, we are told that while in Ephesus Paul baptized (immersed in water) 12 men in the name of Jesus.  Paul did exactly what Peter taught thousands to do in Acts 2:38. H... read all »
Beware of the Infection!
When you have an infection possibility, what do you do? If you step on a nail you seek medical attention and most likely a tetanus shot. A cut or scrape deserves at least some Neosporin and a Band-Aid to help protect from infection. We get it about our bodies and infections, but what about our spiritual infections? Satan is THE INFECTION to our soul, period! He w... read all »
Stumbling Block, Stepping Stone, or Building Block?
What's the difference? Each could be the same stone. It is simple a matter of where they are and how they are used. The stumbling block becomes so by being placed in such a way as to make someone trip or fall. The stepping stone could be the same block, but placed in such a way as to help someone navigate an easier path thru possible hazards. And we are all famil... read all »
The Winner
"The Winner"As I write this article, the nation has gone lottery crazy. One point five billion (with a 'B") dollars is the amount to be paid for picking the correct Powerball numbers. For just $2 you, and your government, would receive an astronomical amount of money..."easy street" from now on. And the fact that you have a little less than one in 292 million chanc... read all »
Finish the Course
Some wise person somewhere once said, "It's not where you's where you finish that counts!" We see that all the time in sports, in business and in life itself. Someone starts in the back of the pack and perseveres to get to the front. One can start with nothing and end up wealthy, (especially in our great country), or someone can start with lots and end up... read all »
Stumble Under the Cross
Luke 9:23..."Then He said to them all, "If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily,and follow Me."Three of the four Gospels quote this teaching from Jesus. It must be important for us to bear a cross, some type of burden in our life. We must pick up that cross each day and carry it just as Jesus carried His. Actually, it wa... read all »