Parenting 101
Be a parent rather than a friend to your children.  They will have many friends, but you are the only mom/dad they will have to lead them to the Lord. Don’t endanger your impact in fulfilling this huge responsibility by trying to be their friend.  If it turns out that you become friends, great!  But let it happen as a matter of cou... read all »
State Constitutions
Our nation’s Declaration of Independence has no fewer than four references to the God of the Bible.  But what of individual state documents, especially their constitutions? Each of the fifty states has a constitution.  Only three states (New Hampshire, Vermont and Virginia) have no preamble to their constitutions.  Forty-five of the st... read all »
Thank you For Your Service
Why, even though I am a veteran, does it bother me to hear this? Perhaps my problem is that the new social practice of thanking veterans for military service subtly reveals that such service is not as normal as it once was. It was my privilege to grow up in a day when a high percentage of those in our communities were veterans of WWII or Korea. I also came to un... read all »
Fatherhood, a Top Priority with God
Generally speaking, the importance of our mother’s influence is so naturally understood, that it requires no explanation.  Appreciation for the profound impact made by our fathers, however, may not be realized at first. Perhaps this is at least partly because mothers connect us to home & hearth where we spend our early years, while fathers tend to be our ... read all »
It Didn't Happen Here
It didn’t happen here, the things I should recall It was long ago and far away, and my memory is small It happened in Lexington, Princeton too and a place called Cowen’s Ford But none of it happened here, in my present comfortable world  Afloat on great Lake Erie, it happened late one morning And later in old Mexico, it set the tide a t... read all »
First she carried us for 9 months insider her body where we kicked, pushed and stretched to make room for ourselves among all her organs.  She carried our weight and suffered the changes our existence made to her life and body and then endured the pain of birth to bring us into this world.Then began the years of middle of the night wake-ups, runny noses, gro... read all »
Things I Have Learned That Every High School Graduate Should Know
For success in life, God is your greatest ally and his people your best friends – Few things will benefit you as much as seeking out God and his people wherever life takes you.  Evil companions will corrupt good morals (1st Corinthians 15:33), while those who associate with the wise will become wise (Proverbs 13:20).  Hang with peo... read all »
Chaffs & Flares
Ever heard of the above?  Chaff is a “cloud” of foil strips or metal coated fibers ejected from an aircraft to help mask it from enemy radar.  Flares are just that, flares, hot and fiery and also designed to be ejected from an aircraft to decoy any possible heat-seeking missiles away from it. Like chaff & flares, there are many things in life ... read all »
Our Children Know
I work on the premise that children know they are supposed to be corrected.  I believe that since their little minds are designed and created by God, they are divinely tuned to receive Godly instruction and correction in their behavior. Mind you, they are not mature enough to appreciate it, but they are wired to respond positively to it nonetheless. ... read all »
Don't be a Fool
Solomon wrote a lot about the way fools behave in his book of Proverbs and also in Ecclesiastes.  Just skimming my concordance I counted at least 83 times in the Proverbs and 25 times in Ecclesiastes that he calls on the reader to consider the ways of foolishness. In Proverbs it seems the initial readers were intended to be Solomon’s own sons according... read all »