What Would You Do Differently?
Watching people die is always a growth experience. I don’t say this lightly because the trauma for family and friends is real and painful. But if you’re in the medical profession or serve as a hospice worker or minister, the constant passing of people from this life to the next occurs repeatedly in your everyday work and serves more to teach than frighten or d... read all »
The Gift That Got Them There
In several weeks we will be celebrating the graduation of our high school & college seniors. As a congregation we are proud of their achievement and share their joy in reaching this important milestone.As in every success story, there are usually many individuals who have contributed to the final outcome and graduation is no exception. One person that probably figures... read all »
Senior Moments
Senior “moments” usually refer to bouts of forgetfulness that seem to overtake all of us as we grow older. However, these moments can also refer to insights and lessons that come if you have been around for a while. I will be 65 in a few weeks and have had my own moments when the brain synapses were not all firing but along with these were a few moments of clarity... read all »
There is No Place Like Home
As a preacher I’ve long ago discovered that home is where you’re preaching at the moment. My wife and I often talk about the disconnect we feel because of a ministry that leads us to move an average of every seven years or so.In my prayers I’ve asked God to help me feel “at home” wherever I happen to be working and He’s accommodated me in a peculiar way. I... read all »
The Surrendered Wife
I am always amazed at how Biblical concepts are mangled when expressed in popular books by well-meaning authors. Such is the case with the newest edition stirring up debate entitled, “The Surrendered Wife.”The premise is simple: Modern wives need to acquiesce to their husbands in order to build their self-esteem, create marital harmony, and restore respect to the ... read all »
Does God Care About the Super Bowl?
Quarterback Tim Tebow’s public display of faith has ignited a debate over the role that religion plays in sports. Does God care about who wins or loses? Can prayer alter the results of a sporting event? Will the most spiritually minded team win Super Bowl XLVI? In all fairness to Mr. Tebow, he has said that he prays not for victory but for direction ... read all »
The Blessings Of Brown Bag Christmas
Christmas is a busy time and the last thing we need is one more “job” to do.But that’s exactly what we’re asking of you with our “Brown Bag Christmas” appeal - to take the time to do one more thing (two if you count decorating the bag). But this extra chore will have important results if you bring your decorated bag full of groceries to church next Sunday,... read all »
Many Will Call: One Will Be Chosen
As you know, we are presently looking for a man to serve the Canyon View congregation as Youth and Family Minister. Although many will, in the weeks to come, call about the position, few will actually be interviewed and only one will be chosen.The reason for the slowness of the process is that not many applicants can demonstrate the qualifications that we desire for t... read all »
The Christmas Cook
This is my 50th Christmas without my father. I thought of him recently while I browned some meatballs for  a spaghetti sauce we were cooking up for guests over the holidays. This was his recipe. One handed down from his father and passed on to me by my mother years after he passed away.  The pungent smell of the garlic and Romano cheese fille... read all »
In Defense of Martha
 I believe Martha's gotten a bad rap as far as Bible characters go. The most quoted reference about Martha is where Jesus gently admonishes her concerning this good woman's frustration at not receiving help from her sister, Mary, in serving their guests. This story recorded in Luke 10:40-41 has become, for many, the defining image of this woman, a worrier, a pers... read all »