Don’t Be Snookered
Snooker is a type of billiard game, said to have been invented by British troops serving in India in the late 1800’s. The term ‘snooker’ apparently originated from this game due to the fact that a novice player can be easily cheated. To be snookered is to be fooled, and snookering did not begin with a billiard game. The devil has sought to snooker... read all »
Reflections of 2007
One of my most fun things is to get are Christmas cards from people who compress the past year into “moments to remember”. As I write this article I am trying to recall as much as I can remember that happened to my ‘church’ family this past year. My disclaimer is this, it is as accurate as I am capable of recalling…but we all know I can ... read all »
What Does The Phrase 'Church of Christ' Mean To You?
(My apologies for not printing out more of the references noted below. Space simply would not permit it.) Is it simply a moniker for just one more of the ever-growing number of denominations (divisions) of ‘Christendom’? Is this what it means to our Lord? What did His apostle Paul mean by the phrase when he wrote, ‘All the churches of Christ gr... read all »
You Want A Happy Marriage?
Most of us can recall what it was about your future spouse that attracted you to that person. It was thrilling (or I sure hope it was). We were so happy to be together, to do things together and to talk together. That romantic time together was exciting. Take a minute and recall for yourself those days of fantastic togetherness. We could not seem to do enough for each... read all »
Godly Sorrow Works Repentance
When there is sin, there should be sorrow. The ‘greater’ the sin, the greater the sorrow… and there are ‘greater’ sins. These are the ones that result in a greater loss and are therefore more difficult with which to deal. For example, if you or I are suddenly angered and let loose a curse or two in private, that’s pretty much be... read all »
Quail Springs Church of Christ: Instrumental Music
It is now openly affirmed. On Sunday, January 27th, 2008, the Quail Springs Church of Christ began the use of instrumental music in their Lord’s Day worship services. Such is the news release in an article by Carla Hinton (The Oklahoman, “Instruments of Change,” January 26, 2008, pp.1 & 2E). My article is not written with any anticipation of alte... read all »
The Holy and the Profane
God is looking for those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:23). Through the centuries, however, there have been many who were innovators. Not a single one of them ever gained God’s approval. Isn’t there a lesson in there somewhere for us? Cain was first. He offered a sacrifice without faith and got his ‘nose out of joint‘ w... read all »
A Seldom Addressed Subject
Jesus’ apostle Paul wrote to the church at Corinth telling them that in order to avoid fornication, each man should have his own wife and each woman should have her own husband, 1st Corinthians 7:2. Good advice to those in a culture steeped in sensuality. In another place, the writer of the letter to the Hebrews put it this way: Marriage is to be held in h... read all »
Have You Taken “Gambler’s Education Course-101?
The state of Oklahoma was assured that the lottery and casinos’ tax revenue would serve as a sufficient solution to the state’s financial needs for education. The governor and many of the media boasted and proclaimed of the anticipated benefits. Another leader, Jesus Christ, once stated: “So then you will know them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:... read all »
Just A Few Observations About The Lord’s Supper
The Lord’s supper was instituted by Jesus as He ate the Passover feast with His apostles…. all of His apostles. Even Judas remained present until the supper was over (Luke 22:14-21). They ate the Passover on the evening of the first day of unleavened bread, the same time that Passover lambs would have been being slaughtered throughout Jerusalem by the ... read all »