Numbers that Matter
They say that you can make statistics mean whatever you want them to. This may be true but there are some numbers that do not lie, that tell not only a story but what the story is all about.Take the number 393 for example. This is the number of dollars “over” budget that this congregation has managed to give this year. Not a fancy or impressive number all by itsel... read all »
Brown Bag Christmas Giving
Last year at Christmas, we distributed not only 200 bags of food; we provided 200 Christmas dinners for people in our community. Our "Brown Bag Christmas" project is here once again and we have the opportunity to set 200 tables with a lovely meal so that others might enjoy some of the blessings that we will share with our own families.For those not familiar with this ... read all »
What are We to do With Ourselves?
No one has the knock-out punch argument for the question, "Which church is the true church?" This is why there are so many "true" churches. All Christian groups claim that they are the true church and the others are mistaken somehow.Of course, in the larger picture, all religions have this "true church" perspective (witness the Muslim suicide bombers of our day) so ou... read all »
Monthly Prayer and Praise Service
There was a time in the church when the brethren would conduct “prayer meetings" where the object was to pray earnestly for one another and focus the church's attention on praising God.This is certainly a Biblical idea (Acts 1:14; 13:2) as we see the early disciples often giving themselves over to intense prayer ( and fasting I might add). We have many who have aske... read all »
The Hope of Haiti
In Haiti life expectancy is 56 years. The reasons for such a short life are well documented: Only 15% of Haitians have access to uncontaminated water.60% of all Haitian children are malnourished and the #1 cause of death of children under 3 is measles.The doctor/patient ratio is 1 doctor for 15,000 people (U.S. is 1 for 350).Their life is short, difficult and to add t... read all »
New Members' Love Feast
In the first century a common custom among Christians was to share a meal and then take communion at the conclusion of it; much like Jesus did on the night He instituted the Lord’s Supper. Luke may be referring to this practice in Acts 20 and Paul certainly rebukes the excesses taking place during such meals in Corinth. Jude also mentions the “Love Feast” in Jud... read all »
Who knew? Only three weeks to secretly prepare a surprise gift for our own Louis and Ann and an amount greater than any other we've ever collected before -- and we did it! Praise God!As I mentioned to those who were there on Sunday evening, this proves two very important points: Louis and Ann Are Dearly Loved. The entire $6,000 came from individual offerings. Not a si... read all »
A Time for Change
I find myself referring again to the words of Solomon in Ecclesiastes 3:1, where he says, "there is an appointed time for everything." This past Sunday, Louis Thompson formally announced his retirement.As you all know, he will continue as an elder and be available for visitation and other duties in this role. Like most things in life, the end of one thing usually mark... read all »
Louis Thompson Announces Retirement
This Sunday, Louis Thompson will officially announce his retirement from full-time ministry. This decision has been prompted by medical problems that he will explain to the congregation.Louis and Ann have been serving the Choctaw congregation since August of 1977 (18 years). Brother Louis worked as pulpit minister during periods of tremendous growth. A bulletin for 19... read all »
Brac From the Brink
The announcer on the radio said that the BRAC commission had voted to keep Tinker Air force Base open, and close other locations instead.For several years families have been on the brink of bad news as the politics of military realignment have been played out on peoples' frayed nerves. But, at last, an answer is at hand.Our community has been spared a major economic a... read all »