Children's Education

Giving all children Bible learning opportunities at their level.

0 to 23 Months

Babies learn Bible stories through song. They also learn the skills of staying seated, sharing, taking turns and giving their toys back. What fun!

2 to 3 Years

During the month of September, the 2's and 3's will learn about the prophets Daniel, Jonah, Elijah, and Elisha!

4 Years to Pre-K

In this class, the three school-year quarters are used to study the Old Testament with the summer quarter devoted to New Testament.

Kindergarten to 1st Grade

The Kindergarten-1st Grade curriculum is a two-year program during which students will spend one year each in the Old and New Testaments studying major characters and lessons. The colorful illustrations and characters of The Beginner’s Bible are utilized in these studies.

2nd to 3rd Grade

The second and third graders are going to love this class. On Sunday’s we will introduce the story of the week and learn all about the characters. Wednesday night will be review, interactive games, quizzes and more

4th to 5th Grade

Shaping Hearts for God curriculum covers the Bible in a three-year period. On Sunday mornings a new lesson is presented along with an application of that lesson. Wednesday nights are for review, Bible facts, Scripture memorization, hands on activities and games.

Youth Group

The middle and high school ages meet in the Youth Building. The schedule for this group is always changing. More information about the current classes can be found in the foyer.

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Adult Education

Our adult Bible classes are constantly changing. Please check out our Video Series page to see what we are currently studying.