Are You Hurting??
HURT is no respecter of persons. All ages and stages of people are attacked by hurt (from disease; broken bones; broken hearts; loss of loved ones; unfairness; loneliness, etc.). All ages may be heard to say: “I’m not ready for this;” “I asked for it—what I did was stupid;” “I didn’t do anything wrong, but look what happened;” I don’t understand an... read all »
Cain would have done better…… if he was Abel
We read about the first worship offered to God, as well as the first murder in Genesis 4:1-8. Coincidence? I don’t believe so. Abel honored God with an acceptable sacrifice. Not Cain. Cain had plenty of opportunity to make a proper offering and even had encouragement from God himself to do so. He deliberately refused. Instead of listening to God’s personal ap... read all »
Why Do We Do What We Do?
Your body, or flesh, is made from the stuff of this earth, so it wants the stuff of this earth. Your spirit, however, which makes you a sentient being, is from God and longs for him. Your flesh constantly compels you to satisfy its appetites which, incidentally, neither you nor I get to decide. The worst desires of your flesh are in conflict with the best desires... read all »
American Trends, Choices, and God’s Judgment
In Ecclesiastes 11:9, God counsels Young People, wanting them to be happy, assuring them that they have choices, while warning them that He will bring them into judgment. Carefully note that verse: The Appeal: “Be happy, O Young Man, while you are young.” Happy young people are a blessing to other young people, parents, teachers, neighbors—society in genera... read all »
The dictionary defines sanctity as “The state of being sanctified; holiness, sacredness”. What is sacred to those of us whom the rest of the world calls “Americans”? Is human life sacred? How can we claim that we believe life is sacred to us when we sanction the killing of children by their mothers? What place should we hold more sacred than a m... read all »
It Makes a Difference When We Show We Care
You are very likely someone who wants to influence others for God. What is one of your best opportunities to do that? How about Sunday?Every Sunday we have visitors to our worship assemblies. I want to encourage you to plan to make a positive impact on them. What can you do?1) Speak to them! Let them know with certainty that you are glad they are here.2) Introduc... read all »
What's Wrong With Me?
Nutritional deficiencies often have negative symptoms.Not enough vitamin D and you might suffer weakness or aching in your bones. Insufficient vitamin E can lead to dry hair, leg cramps and slow healing. A lack of magnesium can result in irritability, anxiety and even impaired memory.So, if you’re grumpy or can’t remember stuff, eat some spinach.Is the same thin... read all »
Who Have You Spoken To Lately About Jesus?
What good does it do to decry the state humanity if I don’t point people to the only perfect hope there is?We live in a world where marriage is dishonored through pornography, promiscuity, and adultery. Drug cartels flood our country with poison because our fellow-citizens buy it. Immigrants who despise our nation are doing great harm and Europe reels from violenc... read all »
Stay The Course
A gunman kills 49 people in a nightclub. The gunman was Islamic and acted in the name of ISIS, an Islamic terror organization.The victims of this tragedy were at a bar known as a hangout for those who practice homosexuality. Likely all of the victims either embraced, practiced, or at least approved of this behavior.What are we to make of this horrible event? In th... read all »
Ali's Final Weigh-In
Recently, ex-boxing champ Muhammad Ali died, and the media is filled with praise for both his athletic accomplishments, which are richly deserved, and his "social activism." Now is not the time to bring criticism upon this man who achieved many things during his life but I noticed that there are few, if any, articles that highlight the greatest impact that Ali had on ... read all »