What A Book!

Even though the last writer to contribute to it died over 1900 years ago, and its first book (of 66) came out at least 3400 years ago, its current influence is so alive and strong it is causing international repercussions relative to the upcoming Olympics in Beijing, China! It is significant that that is the only first century book that is getting so much attention!
Li Zhanjun, director of the Beijing Olympics media center, was recently seeking to clarify what restrictions relative to the Bible were to be placed on those going to China for the next Olympic games. Earlier reports concerning the restrictions had influenced the European news agency, caused a U.S. senator to call the Chinese ambassador, and caused an Associated Press release that appeared in The Oklahoman. 1
That old book called The Bible surely gets a lot of attention in this 21st century! Li stated that “each traveler is recommended to take no more than one Bible into China,” and that would be for “personal use.”
While it shows a courteous gesture for that Communist governed nation to allow the Bible to be brought into their land by visiting personnel, it is a noteworthy tribute of respect for the Bible’s influence that such stipulations are made! If one wants concrete evidence that the Bible is unique in influence and content to all other first century--or older--printed material, just note the international excitement it is producing at this present time!
EQUALLY AMAZING is the fact that many who claim to believe it is God’s Word for us--and are His children--won’t even show up in our free land for Bible classes! Which is the greater sin--to forbid the distribution of God’s Word to His creatures, or to be free to have it in our fair land and then repeatedly reject opportunities to meditate on its message and study His precepts??
We need God’s Word to truly live (Matthew 4:4); it has the power to save us from sin (Romans 1:16); and by it each of us will be judged for eternity (John 12:48). Truly, it is quite a Book! What is the Bible’s influence in your heart? In your home?
1 “Bible fuss stains China,” The Oklahoman, November 9, 2007, p.9a.