Respect His Name
I'm on a one-man crusade against the movie industry. Here's why. The rating system will give a movie an R rating for graphic violence, sex, or repeated use of the dreaded "F" word, but relegates the profaning of the Lord's name to a benign PG13 slot.It seems that blasphemy against God is less pervasive to a young viewer than common vulgarity or simulated sex. What's e... read all »
Chaffs & Flares
Ever heard of the above?  Chaff is a “cloud” of foil strips or metal coated fibers ejected from an aircraft to help mask it from enemy radar.  Flares are just that, flares, hot and fiery and also designed to be ejected from an aircraft to decoy any possible heat-seeking missiles away from it.Like chaff & flares, there are many things in life th... read all »
Thoughts for Our Nation
                 I have just read the “Opinion” page of the Oklahoman (March 18, 2018, p.14A) and “Views” of several (p.15A), covering thoughts about: Teacher pay; projected strikes if demands are not met; deep concern about our leaders in the Federal Government, including pregnancy and abortion.  That reading ... read all »
The Resurrection: A Time for New Beginnings
Spring is a wonderful time of year, grass is starting to green up, flowers are starting to bloom, the trees are budding, and my nose is going crazy from the wonderful Oklahoma allergies.  But despite the allergies, I still really enjoy Spring because it reminds me of renewal.  The power in fresh starts, new beginnings, new life. Today on Easter Sunday, we ... read all »
Another Word for Volunteer
In almost every edition of the weekly church bulletin there is a call for some kind of assistance.  Sometimes it is for teachers or some person to help clean the building.  At other times, we need a member to visit the sick or bring communion to a brother or sister who is a shut-in.  Whatever the situation we are usually asking someone to give up their ... read all »
So many things in life disgust me! I watch the news and see things like the recent school shooting in south Florida and I'm disgusted.  I see people mistreating babies and animals and I'm disgusted.  I see criminals turned back onto the streets to commit more crimes and I'm disgusted.  I watch people act as if they are the only ones who make a diff... read all »
Our Children Know
I work on the premise that children know they are supposed to be corrected.  I believe that since their little minds are designed and created by God, they are divinely tuned to receive Godly instruction and correction in their behavior. Mind you, they are not mature enough to appreciate it, but they are wired to respond positively to it nonetheless. ... read all »
Don't be a Fool
Solomon wrote a lot about the way fools behave in his book of Proverbs and also in Ecclesiastes.  Just skimming my concordance I counted at least 83 times in the Proverbs and 25 times in Ecclesiastes that he calls on the reader to consider the ways of foolishness. In Proverbs it seems the initial readers were intended to be Solomon’s own sons according... read all »
A Nation Divided
Our beloved nation is dividing even as I write these words.  “Dividing” may be a term too mild, since we actually seem to be polarizing at extreme distances from our fellow citizens. Jesus observed for us that a house divided cannot stand.  What is a Christian to do?  We are to do as our Lord taught us to do; speak the truth in love.  Jesus e... read all »
Is There More Than One Way To Forsake The Assembly?
Have you ever gone to a movie and had to endure the rude behavior of others?  Have you ever assembled with the church and had to endure the rude behavior of others who seemed to think they were at a movie? Shouldn’t it bother us to see grown-ups who know better, lightly passing the time with others during a worship assembly?  You can even see it happening... read all »