Simple Truth. Simple Faith. Simply Christian.

There are so many different kinds of churches in our society today that it is sometimes difficult to know what to believe. We, in the Church of Christ, believe that God has revealed Himself and His purpose for each of us in His Word, the Bible.

We promote the idea that everyone can know and practice the simple Christianity taught by Jesus and His Apostles in the Bible. It is this devotion to the Bible that makes the Church of Christ unique among the various churches and denominations of our day.

We are dedicated to using only the Bible as our rule and guide in the practice of our Christian faith. This means that God’s Word is what guides our worship, moral code, organization and overall direction in life.

We seek the simple truth of its teachings in order to produce a simple faith in our hearts which creates individuals that are simply Christian, nothing more or less. If you are seeking to be “just a Christian,” then we invite you to join us in regular Bible study, fellowship and worship each week.