Newsletter Evangelism
Harold Weaver | March 24th, 2009

I recently read the following article about evangelism that could be adapted for our use.
“What is the method? I call it newsletter evangelism. It involves passing out a series
of about 25 different newsletters to homes in your area by church members who volunteer
to have “paper-routes” of the size of their choosing, for about a 3 month period.
After passing out the series of newsletters, members then go into the community and
meet these fine people, which becomes an enjoyable, warm, welcoming experience.
By first distributing these newsletters over a short period of time, people get to know
of the congregation through these newsletters and form a very favorable impression of
the church through the newsletters. When someone finally shows up to their home, they
will find that these neighbors have already welcomed your congregation into their homes
many times over and have enjoyed your company while not yet having met one of your
The church is transformed from a group in the community that didn’t have much of
a favorable rating to a group that now has about a 90% favorable rating, thanks to the
newsletters. When follow-up work is then done, it is done in a very enjoyable environment,
rather than a more hostile, unpleasant one. This makes personal evangelism a successful
and fun experience.”
We are following up on how we could implement this method. Mailing out the
newsletters instead of hand delivering seems to be a workable approach. May God our
Father bless our effort to honor His Son and our Lord Jesus, the Christ.
With Love, Harold Weaver