Our Prayer Life


If you were to ask an honest saint how their prayer life is going, most will likely tell you that their prayer life is poor. If prayer is so highly praised and so encouraged in the Bible, how come we don’t pray as often or as fervently as we should? Here are a few thoughts.


Prayer life is adversely affected at various times and to various degrees by:


1. The sneaking feeling that prayer doesn’t really work

2. Personal guilt which makes us feel unworthy to pray

3. A schedule too full to make room for habitual prayer

4. Ignorance about how to pray which leads to boredom during prayer periods

5. Ignorance concerning the specific will of God which renders me unable to intelligently ask for many things

6. The knowledge that God already knows (and has heard again and again) what I’m going to say


There are others. But there are many things which aid a Christian’s quest for a vibrant prayer life. Here are a few of them:


1. The word “Father”. We have a unique special relationship with God Almighty

2. The example of Jesus

3. Prayers that have been clearly answered

4. Good study habits

5. An honest attempt to live a life pleasing to God

6. Being around praying people

7. Writing my prayers and keeping my Bible open during prayer periods which enables me to have a mind full of fresh things to speak to God about


Perhaps our prayer life is a true reflection of what’s really in our heart. Or perhaps we know that we need to and want to do better in expressing the feelings of our heart to God. I believe we can do a lot better when we focus our attention on prayer and from putting our time and effort into prayer. The promised benefits are enormous.

Love, Harold

Adapted from “The Book of Romans” by Jim McGuiggan, page 57.