Some Thoughts On Rearing Faithful Christian Children


In a recent Christian Chronicle article titled “Why are kids leaving the church? The answer lies in Parents” the statement was made that “Children will look as much like Jesus as their parents and fellow church members do.” With that thought in mind, we decided at a recent family outing to ask our children what it was that influenced them to become Christians and what motivated them to actively keep their faith in God. Some of  the comments were:


-The children knew that their parents knew they were on the right path by living as Christians     

-The children knew that their parents expected as much from them

-The family never missed any worship or Bible class

-Mom and dad were trusted by the children for leadership and stability

-Family morning or evening Bible studies at home were very important

-Parents encouraged the children to become Christians

-Dad was a good role model of a Christian

-Mom was determined to be faithful and her children also

-Living the Christian life works to everyone’s benefit in the family

-The kids actively participated in all the church youth activities

It is worth while to note that 8 of the 10 comments involved was what took place within the family. We believe there is absolutely no substitute for what can be done within the family to build Christian faith in our children.


One additional thought: when children leave home to be on their own, they are extremely vulnerable to be influenced to become like most others who have little or no faith in God. I strongly believe that they should further their education at one of the Christian universities.

This is so helpful to be with people, most of whom, are of like faith. I have heard some parents say-”We can’t afford to send our children to one of the Christian universities.” Well maybe so, but my feeling is that if you want your children to have the best opportunity to grow and mature as a Christian, you cannot afford for them not to go to such a school. Of course, they can and should work to help pay for their education.


With Love, Harold Weaver


“My son, do not forget my teaching, But let your heart keep my commandments; For length of days and years of life, and peace they will add to you.”                             Proverbs 3: 1-2