"Those Who Have Served Well"
Harold Weaver | December 19th, 2013

Time moves on and that helps us to see how our lives change. Two of our faithful and dedicated men have resigned from serving as deacons and the responsibilities that went with those assignments. One of these men is HAL BARNES. HAL has served this church for around 15 years. One of his  assignments was that of maintaining the baptistery and that service has been very well accomplished. Also, HAL and DEANNA established and  provided leadership for the “Golden Travelers” ministry that has been an important contribution for building fellowship and service for those of our congregation in their golden years. Hal also provided for several years, at the courtesy of his employer, refreshments for all who attended our VBS.

At this time Hal has needed to resign his serving as a deacon due to a  substantial increase in his job’s working hours, his need to help Deanna as they are the care givers for Deanna’s dad, and his health has not been good as well. THANK YOU HAL FOR YOUR YEARS OF SERVING THIS CHURCH FAMILY. YOUR CONTRIBUTION IS GREATLY APPRECIATED AND HAS BEEN VERY SIGNIFICENT.

The second deacon to resign is ROBERT GEORGE. Robert has been one of the original deacons appointed to serve this church in the mid-1970s. He taught Bible classes for years. He was very active as a most memorable “Master of Ceremonies” for our Vacation Bible School for many years. And about 25 years ago, he started, developed and has directed the “International Bible Correspondence School (IBS). The IBS ministry provides Bible lessons as well as Bibles through the mail to those who want to study the Bible in Ghana and Nigeria. ROBERT and his team of those who work with him have been very successful and highly effective in telling people about Jesus Christ and leading many to faithful obedience to the gospel. In a typical month, ROBERT and his team sent out about 1000 Bible lessons, around 200  Bibles, had around 70 new studies started which has produced about 2 known baptisms each month. There are few individuals who have an “evangelistic heart” like ROBERT who has continuously done what he could to tell the good news about Jesus Christ.

It is like Eccl.3:1 which says “There is an appointed time for everything and there is a time for everything under the heaven.” For us there is a time to actively pursue ministry efforts to serve our Lord and there is also a time to lay these efforts down when our age and /or our health or obstacles have worn us out!

 So to you HAL and ROBERT, we thank you for your service to our Lord and to us as well in that your examples of faithfulness, dedication and love for our Lord has greatly influenced our lives. And to Deanna and Viola, Thank You for your support of these husbands that has undoubtedly been so good and influential. May our Lord Bless and keep you all in His care.

Harold Weaver, for the Elders

“For those who have served well as deacons obtain for themselves a high standing and great confidence in the faith that is in Christ Jesus.”   I Tim 3:13