Robert George has been overseeing IBC, one of Choctaw’s outreach programs for 22 years. IBC has had a host of volunteers that have mailed out thousands of lessons and Bibles. Many souls have come into our Lord’s Kingdom because of IBC. Now at 80 Robert and Viola have had to retire because of health reasons.

The elders at Choctaw do not want to see a great mission work like WBS stop. It is our desire to continue to seek the lost through this outreach. WBS will continue its mission in mid-January 2014. We will once again need volunteers willing to serve in this work. Exactly when, where, and how will be announced soon.

We appreciate everyone who has supported this work monetarily. If you would like to continue supporting this work please give your donations to Steve Harrison who will be coordinating this ministry in the future.

God bless all who have helped in any way.

For the elders,

Steve Harrison

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