In His Name For His Glory:
Cullen (Bud) Brandon | January 29th, 2015

In the Old Testament book of Jonah we find God’s reluctant servant, who may well be like so many servants of Christ in the church today.

He was called to serve God by going to Nineveh and preach repentance to the people there. He runs away from doing his job as a servant—gets swallowed by a huge fish, then repents and is spit out on the shore of Nineveh to complete his job. His reluctance is seen in his attitude. They were not deserving of God’s mercy—he said, and they were not thankful enough after they received mercy. Reluctant and judgmental—but still called to Glorify God.

It is sad to hear servants of Christ today belittle and bemoan their efforts and the people they are trying to help in Christ’s name for His glory. Yes, helping people is frustrating at times. We want to help people but get confused with what we need to do to give that help. Then we let that frustration boil over into judgmental attitudes towards the ones we are trying to help.

In Matt. 18:2-6 Jesus uses children as an example. Babies and young children require a number of unglamorous services. They are not able to realize all that needs to be done—and seldom express gratitude.

Our responsibilities are to serve in the name of Christ without expecting any pat on the back for our services. It is Christ that places a value on our services, not we ourselves. “The greatest among you shall be your servant” Matt. 23:11.

In his Name—For His Glory