The Hope of Haiti

In Haiti life expectancy is 56 years. The reasons for such a short life are well documented:

  • Only 15% of Haitians have access to uncontaminated water.
  • 60% of all Haitian children are malnourished and the #1 cause of death of children under 3 is measles.
  • The doctor/patient ratio is 1 doctor for 15,000 people (U.S. is 1 for 350).

Their life is short, difficult and to add to the misery, it ends in darkness because 90% of the country practices Voodoo. With time, some of the humanitarian efforts going on there will probably extend their average life span. The true hope of this country, however, is not food or medicine to add a year or two of life, but the gospel of Jesus Christ which will extend their lives into eternity without human misery or pain.

The statistics in this area are a little more encouraging:

  • The fastest growing religious group (among the 250 registered religions) is the Church of Christ.
  • Since 1985 more than 60 congregations have been established.
  • Over 1,000 students are now enrolled in private Christian schools operated by church members.

This Sunday we have an opportunity to bring hope – real hope to this place of suffering. We will be taking a “special collection" to help in the work of bringing the gospel to Haiti. This will be a challenge because we must first meet our regular budget before any money can be allotted for this work.

Please be prepared to do your part. Next Sunday, You represent the hope for Haiti.