New Members' Love Feast
Mike Mazzalongo | January 14th, 1996

In the first century a common custom among Christians was to share a meal and then take communion at the conclusion of it; much like Jesus did on the night He instituted the Lord’s Supper. Luke may be referring to this practice in Acts 20 and Paul certainly rebukes the excesses taking place during such meals in Corinth. Jude also mentions the “Love Feast” in Jude 12 when he warns the brethren concerning certain troublemakers who were present at these in body but not in spirit.

With time the congregational meal, regularly eaten before the communion, was eventually discontinued and only the Lord’s Supper was served each Sunday in accordance with Jesus’ command (Lk. 22:19). This is not to say that brethren gathering to enjoy a fellowship meal has not been practiced and continues to be one of the greatest opportunities for love and fellowship we have in the church (Acts 2:46-17).

One such opportunity is being planned for next Sunday after our worship period; however this “love feast” will have a special twist. We will share a pot-luck meal and use the occasion to recognize and honor all of our new members who have been baptized or placed membership in 1995 (also the 1st week of 1996).

We want these new Christians and recent members to meet our elders, deacons, Care Group leaders and ministers. We want these brethren and their families to experience the loving relationship that is a hallmark of the Choctaw congregation. We also want to get to know them and help them integrate themselves into our church family for service and honor to Christ.

Please make a point to be a part of this great day by being present and bringing a dish, side dish, drink or desert. Let’s make this “love feast” one that will be a blessing to our new brothers and sisters in Christ.