Brown Bag Christmas Giving

Last year at Christmas, we distributed not only 200 bags of food; we provided 200 Christmas dinners for people in our community. Our "Brown Bag Christmas" project is here once again and we have the opportunity to set 200 tables with a lovely meal so that others might enjoy some of the blessings that we will share with our own families.

For those not familiar with this work let me remind you of a few important details.

  1. We are provided with a list of families in our area who need assistance at this time.
  2. A menu necessary to prepare a Christmas meal is printed and left in the foyer with grocery sacks.
  3. Individuals and families go shopping for and pack a bag with the items on the menu.
  4. As an added touch, we ask those who are providing food to decorate the brown paper grocery bag with their favorite holiday scenes. Be creative; use paint, markers, sparkles, write a poem or just a friendly greeting. This personalizes the bag and makes the food a gift from your family to another family.
  5. Bring the bag to the church building and put it on the stage in the auditorium. The date limit is Wednesday, December 20th.
  6. If you really want to get into the spirit, you can volunteer to sort and deliver on Thursday, and Friday, Dec. 21st and 22nd.

In this season where most of us will give to those from whom we will receive, Brown Bag Christmas permits us to give to those who can't return the favor and thus allows us to receive the blessing directly from God. Let's get involved and prove that the Church of Christ is truly the Church of Love.