Who knew? Only three weeks to secretly prepare a surprise gift for our own Louis and Ann and an amount greater than any other we've ever collected before -- and we did it! Praise God!

As I mentioned to those who were there on Sunday evening, this proves two very important points:

  1. Louis and Ann Are Dearly Loved. The entire $6,000 came from individual offerings. Not a single dime was taken from the church treasury. In addition to this, the money given was well distributed. There were no thousand-dollar givers. This means that everyone participated to reach the goal that had been set. If deeds speak louder than words, this deed shouted the words, "We love you, Louis and Ann."
  2. We Can Do It. What a great demonstration of this congregations' ability to get the job done -- and do it well. The decorations were imaginative, the food was delicious. Bob Chilton's program was well performed and the "Honeys" were hilarious. The organizing committee left no detail unattended and everyone from the opening speaker to final clean up served with a wonderful spirit of love and cooperation. Choctaw can do great things well and will do greater things in the future. In closing, I add one more point not mentioned.
  3. God Is Blessing Us. He is blessing us with the servant-hearts of those who worked so hard to make this a great evening for all. He is blessing us with Godly elders, devoted deacons and dedicated teachers. He is blessing us with generous saints who love the Lord and the church. He is blessing us with the opportunity to build a great congregation here in Choctaw and the success of Sunday night was merely the sign that with His blessings -- WE CAN DO IT!!