Louis Thompson Announces Retirement
Mike Mazzalongo | September 17th, 1995

This Sunday, Louis Thompson will officially announce his retirement from full-time ministry. This decision has been prompted by medical problems that he will explain to the congregation.

Louis and Ann have been serving the Choctaw congregation since August of 1977 (18 years). Brother Louis worked as pulpit minister during periods of tremendous growth. A bulletin for 1984 showed that over 350 were meeting here on a regular basis. Also, Louis has served as Personal Work Minister and directed the education department. Brother Thompson was instrumental in the building up of the Camp Rock Creek program which was responsible for the conversion of so many young people.

As a servant of the Lord, Louis has ministered to so many in this congregation. Whether it was a wedding, funeral or a surgery early in the morning, brother Thompson could always be counted upon to provide assistance and reassurance.

Even though he will be retiring from his "minister's" role, Louis will continue to serve the church as an elder and be active in the areas of visitation and personal Bible study. His other duties will be redistributed.

Brother Thompson loves the church, is zealous for the work of the Lord and desires to serve with all of his heart. This is a situation, however, where "…the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak."

I have learned a great deal in the brief time we have served together as ministers and cherish the fellowship we have enjoyed together without ever a single blemish in all of this time. We are all blessed because of Louis' work and commend him and Ann for their service in the Kingdom.