Brac From the Brink
Mike Mazzalongo | July 1st, 1995

The announcer on the radio said that the BRAC commission had voted to keep Tinker Air force Base open, and close other locations instead.

For several years families have been on the brink of bad news as the politics of military realignment have been played out on peoples' frayed nerves. But, at last, an answer is at hand.

Our community has been spared a major economic and social blow. As we draw back from the edge, let's keep a few things in mind.

1. Remember to say "thank you".

So many public and private prayers were offered to spare us this loss; now that those prayers have been answered let us not be like the ungrateful lepers in Lk. 17:12. Ten pleaded with Jesus for healing, but only one returned to say thanks when the favor was granted.

2. Let's stop using Tinker as an excuse.

We don't live in the land of "ifs" any more, so let's do what we've put off doing and do it now. Solomon says that the lazy or fearful man always finds an excuse to put things off (…there's a lion in the road - Pr. 26:13). We now have one less excuse to stop us from getting on with life.

3. Pray for those whose prayers were not answered.

This time God's blessings are upon us and others are wondering why they were not spared. It's hard to understand how God works things out. Let's have a generous spirit and remember those whose employment has stopped or who will have to pull up roots and go elsewhere -- it could have been us.