Heavy Lifting
Mike Mazzalongo | May 28th, 1995

This Sunday morning our elders will be presenting a group of men who will serve this congregation as deacons. This will culminate a long process that began with a series of lessons on elders, deacons and preachers, followed by a selection of qualified men by the congregation who were then individually interviewed by the elders.

The final group chosen were put before the congregation for review and will be commended through prayer and the laying on of hands this Sunday. Each man has specific duties assigned by the elders and has demonstrated an eagerness to please the Lord, work under the oversight of the elders and serve the brethren here in Choctaw.

This marks a very important step in our progress as a congregation for several reasons:

  1. Deacons serve as role models and motivators for Christian service and for the church to grow, it needs to have dynamic service.
  2. Deacons who work well multiply the effectiveness of our elders. With good deacons managing many areas of church work the elders are free to carry on with the important work of shepherding.
  3. Deacons today represent the hope of a strong eldership tomorrow. Elders need training and experience and doing the work of a deacon often prepares a man to aspire to the work of an elder.

Let's join together in supporting all of our deacons and their wives. Let's encourage, thank and cooperate with them as they take on the "heavy lifting" necessary to get the job done here in Choctaw.