Quiet Service

Car dealerships are always boasting about their “great” or “fast” service because their customers prize competent workmanship done in a timely manner. In the church, we hope that our deacons can serve in the same ways, but the quality most prized among them is that of “quiet” service.

This week Carthel Miller, one of our deacons, announced his retirement from this position due to health issues in his family. Carthel has served as deacon responsible for groundskeeping and maintenance since 1985. If I were to use only two words of praise to describe his ministry, I would say that he “served quietly”.

No fanfare, no complaints. No sensitive ego, no jockeying for position or power. No need for constant praise or feedback…just quiet service.

I’ve grown to love and admire Carthel in the time I’ve been here. He represents the ideal for good and faithful service that all of us should strive for.

After the announcement of his retirement last week, we visited on the phone and he was quick to point out that he was still eager to help, even if he couldn’t make all the meetings. Like I said…quiet service.

“Let others praise you” the Bible says (Prov. 27:2) and so it is with Carthel. Let the church say “Amen” to your many years of faithful and quiet service.