Why Have A Youth Program
Mike Mazzalongo | April 4th, 1999

They leave their classroom messy after puppet show rehearsal. They make noise and always sit at the back during worship. They take up a large part of the budget and wear out a full-time minister.

Some wonder why so much effort and resources go into the youth program. Here are some statistics to look at while you ponder the value of our ministry to youth here at the Choctaw congregation.

Each day in the USA…

  • 2,795 teens get pregnant
  • 1,106 teens have abortions
  • 6 teens commit suicide
  • 135,000 teens bring a gun to school
  • 7,742 teens become sexually active
  • 623 teens get a sexually transmitted disease
  • 648 teens are arrested for illegal substances
  • 1,512 teens drop out of school
  • 3,200 teens run away from home.
  • 1,629 teens are put in adult jails.

Any questions…?