Getting Loopy
Mike Mazzalongo | February 10th, 1999

Our community has found it’s own version of millennium madness in the debate over the Outer Loop construction project. This Loop will connect to the super highway that will form a corridor between Canada and Mexico. Many rear that it will not simply run through Oklahoma but may even rumble through our very living rooms.

Those in danger of losing property are concerned, as they should be, and every interest group is gearing up for the sparring match over land claims and fair value issues looming ahead.

In the dizzy days to come, I hope that Christians affected by all of this will try to remember a few basic facts.

  1. Our Home Is In Heaven. Even if our property is endangered here on earth, there is no threat to our eternal home reserved in Heaven. This episode will only serve to reveal which one is really more important to us.
  2. We Are Pilgrims. WE give this idea pretty good lip-service in songs and speeches but do we really believe it? If we’re just passing through, we shouldn’t worry about having to move around a bit while we’re here.
  3. One Day At A Time. Some say the loop is 20 years away, others 5 years from now. Are we going to worry about it until then? As in every area of life and, as in every time, the Lord will provide what we need when we need it.

Let’s make sure the loop only runs through our country, not our hearts.