Sisters of Light
Mike Mazzalongo | August 13th, 1998

I have watched the work that so many of the sisters here in Choctaw do and felt compelled to write a word of congratulations and thanks. We are so blessed in having godly women who are truly the light of Christ in this community.

I mention no names because the space is too limited to write about the good works I see being done, or for fear of neglecting to mention the ones being done quietly and out of sight. But I am sure you see and may even be the recipient of the many types of Christian service rendered by our women. For example:

  • You or your children may be taught by the “Mary” types who love the word of the Lord and share it with others;
  • You may have been nourished by the many “Marthas” in Choctaw who have a great concern for the physical needs of the sick and the elderly;
  • Perhaps you’ve enjoyed the hospitality of the “Lydia” personalities, or received help from those like Dorcas who ministered to the less fortunate;
  • Maybe your life had been inspired by a woman like the woman at the well who had 5 husbands but whose love for the Lord made her a great instrument for evangelism and encouragement.

Whoever they were in the Bible, Sarah, Ruth, Esther, Deborah … we have their spirit dwelling in the women who make this congregation a loving and dynamic family. Thank you Lord for blessing us with such women. Help us as brethren to love them in purity as sisters and support every good work they do in Christ. Amen.