The Five Year Mark
Mike Mazzalongo | July 5th, 1998

Next week will mark the fifth year I have served this congregation as Pulpit Minister. During this time I have learned many valuable things. Here are five which were especially important to me.

  1. I learned to Love Louis. In my first year I grew to appreciate the man who has done so much to build up this church, brother Louis Thompson. During that first year his patience and godliness were lessons that served as a basis for my ministry here.
  2. I learned to Love Preaching. I was trained as a missionary and media minister sot the demands of a regular pulpit were new to me. It was here in Choctaw however, that I grew to love the work and see it as a labor of faith.
  3. I learned to Love Writing Bulletin Articles. After Louis retired, I took over the work of the bulletin. What at first was a “chore", developed into an effective ministry as more and more people responded to each week's article. I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with yet another way to confess His name.
  4. I learned to Love Local Work. This is the longest that Lise & I have ever stayed in a work (Missionaries tend to travel around). The opportunities for growth in this congregation have made it possible for us to receive the blessings that come from staying in one place for a long period of time.
  5. I learned about Choctaw's Love. There was never any doubt that if the need were there the church would rise to the occasion. With Becky's accident the brethren here showed that they're capable of great love and compassion. This is a wonderful sign that the preaching is not in vain.

After my vacation in July, I will begin my sixth year. I wait with wonder and anticipation to see what the Lord will teach me in the days ahead. God bless you and thank you for your support.