Numbers that Matter
Mike Mazzalongo | January 4th, 1998

They say that you can make statistics mean whatever you want them to. This may be true but there are some numbers that do not lie, that tell not only a story but what the story is all about.

Take the number 393 for example. This is the number of dollars “over” budget that this congregation has managed to give this year. Not a fancy or impressive number all by itself. But, when you stop to consider that the elders asked the congregation to give $185,328.00 for the work of the Lord in 1997 and the brethren responded by giving this much and an additional $393.00, then the number becomes significant.

Or how about the number 28? Again only a low two digit figure usually reserved for team jerseys and the like. However, when 28 represents the number of people baptized this year at Choctaw it speaks volumes about the teaching and zeal of its members and leaders.

I could go on and quote other numbers; 79,000 (the number of dollars received so far for the building fund); or 70 (the number of people restored and requesting prayer); or 42 (Christians who placed membership here in ’97).

In the end however, all these numbers tell the same story, reveal the same truth. Our congregation is growing because the people are generous, committed and enthusiastic for the work of the Lord.

As we begin writing the number 1998 on all of our correspondence and business affairs, let’s make sure that we continue with the excellent spirit that produced the kind of numbers that made God #1 in our lives this past year.