Monthly Prayer and Praise Service
Mike Mazzalongo | August 8th, 1996

There was a time in the church when the brethren would conduct “prayer meetings" where the object was to pray earnestly for one another and focus the church's attention on praising God.

This is certainly a Biblical idea (Acts 1:14; 13:2) as we see the early disciples often giving themselves over to intense prayer ( and fasting I might add). We have many who have asked prayers for those who are ill in their families and others who are struggling with personal problems. They need our prayers and we need the soul lifting experience of praising our God.

This Sunday evening is our Prayer & Praise service. We will be going to God on behalf of all of these with our hearts and our voices. Several have been chosen to lead us in song, psalms and prayer for those in need.

The elders and I encourage all of you to attend this special time of worship and to make known your own prayer requests so they can be brought before the Lord. Simply write them down on a card and give them to one of the elders or myself on Wednesday or Sunday.

Prayer does change things and our prayers and praise this Sunday evening are meant to change hearts and lives. Please be part of this powerful spiritual experience.