Observations Concerning the Eclipse

Excitement is extremely high concerning the total eclipse which appeared from Oregon to Florida on Monday, August 21, 2017. The accumulated details, the accurate predations, the path of the eclipse, the exact minute of its total coverage of the sun at different locations are all downright amazing!

Dale Denwalt in The Oklahoman, August 20, 2017, p. 18A, pinpoints to the minute the eclipse beginning in the Oklahoma City area: beginning at 11:37AM; Maximum at 1:05PM; ending at 2:35PM. Paula Burkes (p.6c) adds that in the Oklahoma City area there would only be 85% maximum coverage of the sun; total eclipse would be seen in parts of Missouri, Cabondale, Illinois, etc. The massive media covering being given was equally amazing, plus the host of humanity gathering to observe that phenomena in multiple locations. Burkes mentions (p.1c) that a million people would be gathered in Nashville.

Please note the exactness of these predictions. Don’t doubt them. Time proved them to be accurate. Mike Brake, an amateur stargazer (p.18a) even shared the definite date of the next total eclipse (April 8, 2024), assuring us that its primary path will cross southeastern Oklahoma, “passing through Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and several northeastern states.”

The most phenomenal observation about this eclipse is not related to any of the foregoing figures and facts. It is sobering and sad, but none of the huge collection of humanity (who have devoted countless hours to assemble and accumulate these details) have mentioned God!! The faithfulness of our Creator is why the specific times, the exact path, the proliferation of people could accurately describe this phenomena. The specific time could be given; the exact path could be traced; the proliferation of people could gather and enjoy that eclipse because God was in control! That Great and Amazing God needs to be glorified and applauded!

Men of science, for your silence as to God, you need to be shamed! Media spokesmen, amidst your awe-stricken and amazing display of that heavenly spectacle—but your silence as to God—is to your shame! Massive gatherings of people, applauding that unfolding marvel—but no praise given to God, who was in charge—that is to your shame!

That lack of giving tribute to God; that sad silence, reminds one of the rebellious remnant that went down into Egypt, as given in Jeremiah 44. In Egypt, it is interesting to mote their open worship and praise to the “queen of heaven” (vv. 18, 19). Their ignoring God; their refusal to honor God, resulted in God stating : “Never shall My Name be invoked again by the mouth of any man of Judah, in the land of Egypt, saying ‘as the Lord God lives.’” (v.26). Have we left out His Name once again too many times???

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