Focus For the Season
Dayton Keesee | December 15, 2017

As media songs again announce the Season,

And manger scenes begin to appear;

A missile is fired for no good reason:

So anxiety grows in the hearts that fear!


Doomsday disciples point to global warming,

Warning the masses of the air we’re harming;

As though we are in charge of planet earth,

While ignoring the One who gave us birth!


Our dwelling place can surely be abused,

But greater the concern if our Maker is refused;

The One who controls “sun up” and “sun down,”

Is fully in charge as the world goes around!


May the One who guided wise men from afar;

Who gave them light by a Special Star;

Who sent angels to announce that special birth,

As a heavenly chorus sang, “Peace on earth.”


Let us read His Word; Submit to His plan;

Then “Joy to the World” will be showered on man;

Turn terror to triumph for souls forlorn,

Because the Savior of the world long ago was born!


With sufficient air for all to breathe,

May this Seasonal Spirit our hearts relieve;

For the Greatest Gift  to You ever given,

Comes from the One on the throne in Heaven!