Pray for Our Campers

This week 39 students from our congregation are going to church camp and 5 adults to help as counselors and cooks.  Some of the students are members and some are friends/family of our members.  I'd like to encourage us all to be praying for our students by name as they are at church camp this week. Some suggested things to pray about are: they grow closer to God, they are encouraged spiritually, strong bonds are formed with one another, they have a safe week, and they have a fun time.

Alyssa Bentley                                                 

Kayleigh Bates

Kendell Easley

Koby Bentley

Kyle Erskine

Lily Griffin

Luke Dubord

Madison Deatherage

Madison May

Matthew Dubord

Nathan Stites

Owen Ford

Riley Deatherage

Samantha McLeod

Shelby Alexander

Sophia Cienfuegos

Stephanie Wright

Tori Walker

Bob Aldridge

Jeannie Aldridge

Mark Rodriguez

Mike Coghill

Rhonda Bailey


Ashlin Punneo                                                   

Braden McNair                                                 

Brenton Walker                                                 

Brian Christensen                                                      

Brie Perry

Cadyn Tramel

Caleb Bailey

Caleb Rodriguez

Callie Bellah

Christian Cienfuegos

Colby Ford

Eli Herriman

Emily Bellah

Emily Perry

Hannah Rodriguez

Jace Perkins

Jake Anthony

James May

James Rodriguez

Jonathan Eades

Jonathan Wright