Something to Consider
Dayton Keesee | December 7, 2018

This articles relates to something each one of you has—young, old, single, married, rich or poor.  That something is TIME!  It is tied to something else—choices, responsibility, accountability, (Romans 14:10-12; II Corinthians 5:10).  It is also tied to one other sobering factor-Eternity!  Every piece of it-every tick of the clock is tied to eternity.  The fact was well stated by Mr. Anonymous in these words:

“I have only just a minute,

 Only sixty seconds in it,

 Forced upon me—can’t refuse it,

 But it’s up to me to use it.

 I must suffer if I lose it.

 Give an account if I abuse it.

   Just a tiny little minute,

 But eternity is in it!”

Because time is so freely given to us, it is amazingly easy to take it for granted.  That has resulted in some rather sobering clichés’.  Oft heard are the words, “Time flies!”  That phrase deepens when we realize we are the pilot and navigator of the moment.  Another lightly says, “Oh! I’m just killing time!”  There is a reason for greater concern when we face the fact we can’t do that without injuring our eternity!!  Also, many a dodged duty or failed “follow-through” is covered by the comment, “I didn’t have time.” All such subtle speech needs to be considered in the fact that though we do live one day at  a time, we are living for eternity in that day!

We would do well to note words and questions from E.A. Rountree, who stated: “God created time and gave it to us.  It is His fundamental gift, for all other gifts are conditioned upon it.  Why should we give it so grudgingly to His service?  Why should we not lavish time upon the things that God knows and we know are the vital things?”1

What wise and important thing are you doing today??


1 Frank S. Mead 12, 000 Inspirational Quotations, A Division of Merriam-Webster, Incorporated, Springfield, Mass., 2001, pp.444f.