New Sunday Adult Classes Coming for the Summer
Mike Mazzalongo | June 22nd, 2019

On Sunday, July 7th our new Summer education quarter for adult Bible classes begin. 

On Wednesday nights we will have the third edition of “The Main Lesson in____” series with different speakers coming each week to summarize and explain what they believe is the main teaching of each book of the Bible.  We have a great line of speakers beginning with Howard Norton, kicking off the series on Wednesday, July 10th reviewing Paul’s first epistle to the Thessalonians.  Look for brochures in your mailboxes with the information on all the speakers and the books they have chosen to teach.

On Sunday mornings we will offer two adult classes.  One will be taught by Marty Kessler in the auditorium entitled “Minor Prophets-Anything but Minor”.  In this class Marty hopes to spend some time in each of these books and will be taking a closer look at these prophets and their relevance today.

The other adult class will be a series devoted to building happy marriages entitled, “Marriage Prep 101.”  This class is specifically designed for college age, young marrieds and married couples with young children.  It will provide the kind of experienced based, Biblically sound information to help prepare young people for marriage and support young marrieds in their efforts to build strong and happy Christian marriages.  This class will be taught by Mike Mazzalongo in the fellowship hall.

The children’s Bible class new quarter will also begin on July 7th.  All children ages 30 months-4th grade will be promoted on the same Sunday if they are the appropriate age or grade.  Kindergartners will have a special Bible presentation on Sunday, June 30th.