Bob Chilton | July 12th, 2019

Think for a moment...Have you ever had a child say or do something in a public surrounding that made you want to dig a hole and pull the ground in over you? 

It could be your child, or grandchild, cousin, some relative or maybe someone unrelated to you at all.  The words or actions at that moment may come from an innocent child, but  we, with our extreme maturity, don't know how to react. We just wish we were someone else at the time. We don't know whether to laugh or to cry.

Did you ever think how our Heavenly Father might feel when our actions or our mouths overload our brain and produce embarrassment in Him?  Whether intentional or innocent in our behavior, God wants us to be His reflection on earth. (Job 9:20)  Though He may become disappointed in our behavior, He is still totally forgiving because He loves us so much.  Just like we forgive that embarrassing child's actions, God is always willing to forgive and more importantly, forget.

In His infinite mercy, God loves us enough to wonder why we do some dumb (sinful) things, but is ready to exonerate our short comings. He has promised unconditional love and  He is prepared to accept us as "little children", who hopefully are struggling toward maturity. 

So remember the next time a child says or does something to embarrass you ... that God loves us enough to sacrifice His only Son for you and me. (John 3:16)

In spite of our embarrassing behaviors.