Jesus Is King

On October 25, 2019, a rapper named Kanye West released his ninth studio album entitled: “Jesus is King.” Though in the last 15 years, Mr. West has been known for his secular music, this album is not. It is a worship album. An entire project dedicated to Jesus. Kanye has said, “This album is my expression to what He (Jesus) has done in my life.”

In the Christian community, people are divided as what to think about this switch in tone for Mr. West. In January 2019, he began to hold “worship services.” A majority of the Christian community labeled him a hypocrite and an all-around lost man doing more damage than good (including myself). Now, at the end of 2019, he has released a “worship album.” Again, the Christian community became divided and I find myself sitting on the opposite side of my original thinking.

You see, it is not my place to try to understand Mr. West’s intentions. It is not my place to check how God is working in his life and judge him based upon what the media tells me. The album that is dividing the Christian community has no cursing, no innuendoes and carries a message of the goodness of Christ and has reached over 196 million listeners just last week. Mr. West has also said he is going to continue making “gospel albums.” Maybe we in the Christian community ought to not be divided over Mr. West’s seemingly radical change and come together and embrace him as the community of believers should and guide him to the truth.

Proverbs 3:27 “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due,

when it is in your power to do it.”