Changes for 2020
Mike Mazzalongo | January 10th, 2020

The year 2020 has brought several changes among the ministry staff here at the Choctaw congregation. We have seen the departure of our Youth, Family and Involvement Minister, Mike Coghill, which will bring about the eventual addition of another (new to us) minister at some point this year. Then there are the growing responsibilities taken on by our ministry intern, Titus West, as he is tasked with more regular opportunities to preach and teach in addition to his main priority as a full time student at the Sunset International Bible Institute (extension program). In addition to these changes, there will also be a significant shift in my own ministry role with the church going forward.

The elders and I have agreed that beginning this year I will focus my efforts exclusively on the ministry. This means that I will no longer be responsible for the education program nor serve as a staff minister. We have worked out an arrangement where the Choctaw congregation will provide part of my support for the work I do with BibleTalk and I will raise the remaining amount as well as the salaries for Hal Gatewood and other part-time workers along with expenses required to operate the website. I will do this by raising funds from other congregations and individuals as I have done in the past. has grown so much in the last few years that it now requires more time to produce content, respond to viewers and raise money. As I get on in years, I realize that I no longer have the energy to carry out two ministries at the same time (staff minister and BibleTalk internet ministry) so I have chosen to focus on the ministry where we can reach the most people with the gospel.

I will continue to assist Marty by preaching twice per month and will also teach one or two Bible classes this year. Bob Chilton, Marty and the elders are now responsible for organizing the education ministry. My other duties will spread out among other ministries, deacons and elders.

Please continue to pray for and support the ministry as we enter another phase of this dynamic work. God bless you and thank you for your friendship and encouragement.

Mike Mazzalongo