Trash Icon

The trash icon is that little trash can on your email page that enables you to get rid of the "junk" email items. I use this icon every time I look at my email. But, it doesn't get rid of it right then, rather stores it until I "empty" the trash can. It is still there and can be recalled if I want, or emptied at some other time, simply by pushing "trash". "Poof, it's gone!”

When Israel offered their sacrifices, daily or during religious days, like on the Day of Atonement, their sins were placed in the heavenly "trash" can. They were no longer in their account, their sins were no longer accessible... but they were not eliminated. Rather they were held in that "trash" until they could totally be deleted.

That was exactly what Jesus did. He empties the "trash can of sins" for the Israelites and for us. No longer would anyone be afraid of sins being brought forth if they are a child of God. Jesus cleared that "trash" can by dying on the cross. The cross was the "icon" that "emptied" our sins. Jesus is working continually disposing of our sins so there is none to recall. Our trash can remains empty.

And like on our computers, there is a "delete" key. It is called prayer. If you want your "sin/trash" can cleared, Jesus says to pray and the Father will forgive.

God will permanently remove our sins, to be remembered no more! Computers crash, loose information, and often fail. But Jesus will always be "enter"ceeding, (interceding) for us, Heb. 7:25. Thank God for providing us a way to delete!