A Father's Longing
May 1, 2020

During my time in the military, I spent extended periods away from my family. In the past it was hard to stay connected but, given the technology today we can keep up with loved ones from a far daily. It’s incredible how we can hear and see loved ones from a phone or computer. I can attest how good it is, to partake in service online every Sunday and Wednesday.

I also must confess that it is not as good as being able to see and hear each other in person, to assemble in our building and offer up our praise and thanksgiving. As the days go by the feeling of longing grows to the point I would do anything to come home and be able to dwell amongst my family.

These times have brought all of us under the same realm of separation, for many we have built up a longing to see and embrace each other in person.

It’s best we give way to how Paul writes by way of the Holy Spirit in his letter to the

Philippians 1:3-9. If I may make emphasis on the scriptures to relate to His church at Choctaw, that we give thanks to God in all our remembrance of each other and always offer prayer with joy for all, that our love may abound still more and more in real knowledge and all discernment. That we continue to participate in the gospel today just as we have from the first day. Though we are not imprisoned as Paul was, it seems fitting that we should share in the same feeling having each other in our hearts. For God shall remain our witness, how we long for each other with the affection and love of Christ Jesus.

So, what is a father’s longing? I can only speak on as father on this earth, being away from his family. It does not compare to the true Father’s longing. The true Father’s longing was displayed on the cross through the love of Christ Jesus His only begotten son who gave His life for our sin, in order that we who believe and are baptized may be gathered unto God as sons and daughters.

So my brothers and sisters if your feeling of longing has built to the point where you would do anything to be able to assemble once again with loved ones or with His church, it is only right, because the affection of Christ for us endured the only sacrifice that will one day bring us all back together and to dwell in the presence of our Father forever.