What Have We Become?

Evil has shown itself and is waging a war against Christianity and the Gospel of Christ. This morning I saw a video of a man getting knocked out. It seems he was trying to protect others. Afterward, he had his head stomped on multiple times and then his phone was stolen from him as he lay there helpless. During the same incident, a person was stabbed and another 13 people were arrested. Yesterday, I saw a video of an older couple having large fireworks thrown at them while they ate a meal. This done for what they were wearing. In August, American flags and BIBLES were burned. These places and events may seem distant to us but believe me when I say that we could drive to these locations in one day if we wanted to.

This poison has infected human morals and decent goodness of the heart and tried to disguise itself as liberty and justice. Our daily diet seems to have become lies and selfishness, and needless violence from every side. The message is all about destroying the hope that is given to mankind, the hope that there is more than just this life!

I believe a fight has come to Christians that is no longer about a person’s politics but about a person’s soul. People in our country are searching for truth and the one community that has the answer for them has been overwhelmingly silent. Myself included. Brothers and sisters, this should not be!

Has the government become our God? Are we to listen or look to man for the truth and hope? “No one can serve two masters. ”{Matt 6:24} Perhaps, we are cowards, forgetting completely the beatitude, “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. ”{Matt 5:10} The Christian community can no longer stand by as God’s commands are broken in the streets of our nation.

There is an open attack on Christianity in this country. May the Lord give us the courage to stand for the truth of God and not man. May He let us be ever ready to have an answer and may the ONE TRUE GOD be the one that Christians put their hope in. Amen.