The Possibility: "Peace on Earth!"
Dayton Keesee | December 18, 2020

Two millenniums ago in a shepherd’s field,

A Heavenly Host sang—as God willed—

“Peace on earth,” the Almighty decreed:

A Savior was born to meet our need!

That Heavenly Host was “praising God,”

For His response where human’s trod;

From the beginning blood had flowed,

As Cain—like conduct growed and growed!

Jesus, that Savior, solemnly warned You and me,

That “wars and rumors of wars” would continue to be;

Now in today’s headlines, what do we see—

More slaughter and stabbings by humanity!

Periodically, as we thoughtlessly hasten along,

We momentarily pause to note that Heavenly song;

Annually that Message is given a re-birth;

Choral groups sing, “Peace and goodwill on earth!”

Yet, Gangs and Military Power seem to rule the day;

How refreshing it will be to hear men caringly pray,

As church bells clang and jingle bells ring,

“Peace on earth” is still a song that we sing!

Hearts are uplifted with realistic hope,

For the Message that Luke long ago wrote;

Shedding Divine light on the path we trod;

Knowing that Message came from Almighty God!

“Peace on earth” is truly a possibility;

It’s the best gift extended to You and me;

That a Savior was born in Bethlehem—

Let Heaven and Earth give all glory to Him!

Amidst all the lights that beautifully glisten;

To His Commands and Promises let us listen;

For ever since the time of His immaculate birth,

God has planned for us ”Peace on earth!”