Thirsty Campaign

As you may know, the Choctaw Church of Christ has been studying and learning about evangelism this quarter. Part of learning is putting into practice the things that one has learned. After almost 2 months of being taught by our Shepherds about evangelism, another opportunity to put into practice, the sharing of Jesus with our community, has arrived by the simple act of offering people a bottle of water. On the bottle is a custom label that asks the holder if they are thirsty and then presents them with the information to our website. The goal of the water is not to generate conversation on the spot, but to get people to search US out. In the case that someone would like to speak to us at that time, I’d like to answer two questions that may come up. Hopefully, this article will be able to help us in these conversations.

“What is it/What does this mean?” These are the 2 most common questions I believe we will have asked, and I believe they are simple for us to answer without getting out of our “comfort zones,” so to speak.

Question: “What is it?”

Answer: “A bottle of water with information about our church on it. The link on the label will lead you to our website.”

There is nothing wrong with being straightforward and honest. I’ve found in “breaking the ice” people respond better to straightforward answers. People can tell when you’re rambling.

Question: “What does it mean?”

Answer: “It’s a reiteration of the account of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4: 1-45. Basically, Jesus told her that if she knew he was God, she would be asking for living water, Jesus and his message. When the woman talked about living water, she referred to the physical well and water where she and Jesus were having their conversation. Jesus told her that the water from that physical well would not quench the thirst of anyone who drank of it. Only the spiritual water that comes from Jesus will be able to quench thirst. Those who drink of it will live eternally. Like the well, the water in this bottle cannot quench eternal thirst. There is more information on our website, I can get you in contact with someone who can further answer your questions or let’s get together and continue this study.”

I know this is not a handbook or study guide, but I hope by at least answering these 2 questions in a basic and straightforward way, we will have the courage to go out into our community and start offering Living Water to the thirsty.