Modesty is Attractive

If you are ever in any church service and want to suck the air out of the room, bring up modesty. Unfortunately, that word causes intense debate in the Christian community, but it shouldn’t. Modesty is actually a very attractive trait and something all Christians should strive for. So, why is it so controversial to talk about in the church? Because it gets down to the very heart of the individual. Modesty is a mode of dress which intends to avoid the encouraging of sexual attraction in others. It is also a behavior/attitude of being meek or average in the estimation of one's abilities. Simply put, modesty is a truthful examination of oneself and how they appear to onlookers.

For non-Christians, modesty is not important because they don’t have a standard by which they live. Whether male or female, they are comfortable showing off their bodies and having “extreme” attitudes because it results in attention. Their standard of outward expression is based on what they want. To expect them to dress modestly and act modestly is an insult because you are insulting their “god”; themselves. For Christians however, modesty is important because it is something to be striving for.

Pertaining to how we dress: Throughout the bible the term “nakedness/naked” is used inter-changeably to define no clothing and improperly dressed. Simply put, Christians could be considered naked in the sight of God when we dress improperly. This pertains to men and women alike. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 6 that Christian “bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and that our bodies are not our own, so we should glorify God with our bodies.” That comes on the heels of him talking about fleeing sexual impurities. There is no place for immodest attire in a Christian’s life, not because the church says so, but because God says so.

Pertaining to our attitudes: Zephaniah warns the kingdom of Judah, “Seek the LORD, all you humble of the land, who do his just commands; seek righteousness; seek humility; perhaps you may be hidden on the day of the anger of the LORD.” Jesus says, “the meek shall inherit the earth.” David writes that “the Lord lifts up the humble and cast the wicked to the ground.” Unlike the world, Christians are told to not seek attention nor are we to raise ourselves up above others for the things we do. Christians are to act with modesty and when they do, God is glorified.

As Christians, it is our duty to represent Christ with our outward expressions, which include our behavior and our attire. Mature Christians should not have to whisper about immodesty in the church either. There is nothing wrong with standards and expectations that come from God. Once applied, you’ll find modesty isn’t a bad word at all and is actually God’s way to make you more attractive. And remember, modesty isn’t legalistic. Legalism is when you make rules for God, not when you’re following the ones He has set.