What I've Seen Recently
  • A class filled with almost 30 teenagers ready to learn about God on a Wednesday night.
  • A nine-year-old stand before 100 people and lead us in our singing to the Lord.
  • A group of girls spend Saturday night watching their church family’s children so couples could have a date night.
  • Multiple young men quietly serving trays during our communion time multiple weeks in a row.
  • A group of young adults gather on a Tuesday night to spend time together in God’s Word.
  • Entire families serving and showing hospitality to others at a
  • Young girls with pages filled with notes from sermons and classes.
  • Two young souls giving their life to Jesus and being immersed into Christ.

Family, we need to stop, lift up our eyes, and look. If we don’t, we miss seeing beautiful blessings from God. There’s a ton of congregations who are praying for the blessings we have right now! Read that again. THERE’S A TON OF CONGREGATIONS WHO ARE PRAYING FOR THE BLESSINGS WE HAVE RIGHT NOW AT CHOCTAW. I hope we see what is taking place in Choctaw and give God thanks for it. I hope we never overlook the amount of young people and families we have, the spiritual growth taking place in their lives, and the way they impact this church family.