The Christmas Watch

It’s that time of the year again. I am amazed at how quickly the Christmas Season comes each year, since I’ve grown older. As a kid I thought Christmas would never get here. I called it the “Christmas watch”. I would get all pumped up right after Thanksgiving from all the decorations, music, candies, and commercials on TV. Christmas would arrive and just as quickly it would be gone, letting me down to agonize for another year in waiting. At middle age it would usually arrive before I was financially and mentally ready. Now it arrives rather rapidly, and each year causes more reflections of the past than the previous one.

Our passage through this life is kind of parallel to that “Christmas watch”. When we are young we think old age will never get there. There’s lots of time, even at middle age, to prepare for the “later years”. Then, suddenly, we’re there. We look back at our lives and wonder where they went. How could they get away so quickly? I was going to do so much more by this time. Where did this “old” person come from? Such a strange
person, a person with such an old body, who still thinks they are in their 20’s.

If this is the way you feel too…I have some good news for you! Be happy and full of joy this holiday season for at least 3 reasons:
1.    If you are reading this you are still with us and still have opportunities.
2.    Jesus died for you long before you reached infancy, puberty, young adulthood or senior status.
3.    If you’re obedient to the commands of the Lord…He has a wonderful, eternal adventure awaiting you.

The downside to this is YOU ARE GETTING OLDER, and this life won’t last forever. If you would like to know more, I’ll see you in Bible class and church services…where we can watch for Christmas and Eternity together.