Who Will Protect Us From The Thugs?
Most of us probably think of thugs as dim-witted, brutal hoodlums who do harm to any who are unfortunate enough to be found in their path. Well, ok, maybe this is because that’s what a thug is… today. But did you know that ‘thugs’ were originally members of a religious sect in India that apparently came into being sometime in the 1300&rsquo... read all »
Does the word make you think of the last day, the final day, when the Lord returns and we stand before Him to give an account? We should make ourselves aware that even though there will be a final judgment, God has already come in judgment many times throughout history and that He has made this fact very clear. Have you read of His coming in judgment on Egypt from ... read all »
Don't let the 'twisters' deceive you!
Peter spoke of those in his day who distorted God’s word and brought on their own destruction by manipulating (wresting/twisting) it to make it appear to teach things it didn’t, 2nd Peter 3:14-18. He referred to such people as untaught, unstable, and unprincipled. I believe that a good ‘modern day’ example of what Peter was talking about is ... read all »
The Parable of the Paints
A reprint from 2003 God came to visit His people on earth. He told them. “I have only one teaching for you to observe. In every locality, I want you to put up a simple wooden fence post for me. I want you to paint the post blue.” He then admonished them saying, “I am leaving, but some day I will return to take all of you who keep my teaching about... read all »
Sally Kern Is Right
Oklahoma state representative Sally Kern recently made the headlines when she said that the ‘homosexual agenda’ in the United States is a greater threat to our nation than international terrorism. Anyone with a healthy grasp of Biblical history ought to be able to see that her statement is right on target. What is the homosexual agenda all about? Grossl... read all »
A Great Reason to Sing!
The apostle Paul wrote to the Colossian church saying: Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God. 3:16 One of the central themes of all holy writ, is the resurrection of Jesus. This word, coming to light in the hea... read all »
A Plan For Restoration - by Josiah (no last name)
In 2nd Chronicles chapter 34 we read of a great restoration of following the ways of God. This restoration and spiritual revival was fearlessly implemented by young king Josiah over 2600 years ago when he was only twenty years old. What did Josiah do to restore Israel, and how can we follow his lead today? Josiah removed the things that were leading Israel away ... read all »
Hold On To Your Hope (part two)
Moses was on his way to the promised land with God Almighty as his constant companion, guide and provider! But the people he was trying to help get there, grumbled, complained and rebelled. None of them ever seemed grateful for anything he did. Because of them, he would not see the promised land for another forty years. His sister, Miriam, dies and seemingly before... read all »
Hold On To Your Hope (part one)
The book of Exodus tells us how God handed Moses and Israel a great victory over Pharaoh and freed them from slavery in Egypt. It tells how they came right up to the border of the land of Canaan which God had promised to them through Abraham 600 years before. With the promised land in sight, however, Israel faltered in their faith. At God’s command, twelve Is... read all »
Don’t Be Snookered
Snooker is a type of billiard game, said to have been invented by British troops serving in India in the late 1800’s. The term ‘snooker’ apparently originated from this game due to the fact that a novice player can be easily cheated. To be snookered is to be fooled, and snookering did not begin with a billiard game. The devil has sought to snooker... read all »