I Am Disappointed!
The “Step Up In September” plea was a genuine, sincere effort by the elders to overcome—”bridge the gap”—between the Sunday morning and Sunday evening —Wednesday evening attendance numbers. The imposed Divine obligation for the elders “to feed the church of the Lord” (Acts 20:28 AS) automatically imposes a Divine obligation for members of the church ... read all »
How Are You Listening
V.E. Howard, well known preacher for the International Gospel Hour, who preached on the radio for fifty years, punctuated his sermons with the sobering question, “Are You Listening?” Despite the reputation he gained for that preaching pattern, have we appreciated the appropriateness and pertinence of what he was doing?  In Jeremiah 7, God “rejected and aba... read all »
A Sobering (Spiritually Strengthening?) Story
Andrew Connally (as given by his wife, Claudene, in her book, I Walked By His Side, pp.103ff) told of a heart-touching moment, when he stood near Lake Nyasa (Africa) in the midst of “The graves of Bandawe.”              Here were some twenty three missionaries who left Scotland in the 1870’s with a bur... read all »
Are You an "Innkeeper-Type Person?"
Oft told is Christ’s story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37).  Careful attention and fitting applications have been given to: 1. The robbers, who attacked, beat, stripped his clothing, and left the man “half dead.”  They demonstrate The Iron Rule-”Might makes right.”  It is the selfish, shameful, stronger-than you, bullying, bad guy lifest... read all »
A Happy 90th Birthday
Dayton wrote the poem below 16 years ago in celebration of someone else turning 90, but it now applies to himself and the seven other “90 plussers” of this congregation we want to honor….. A Happy 90th Birthday!The Lord has granted you three score and ten, Then He added another decade and did it again! Your years have grown up to ninety by God’s gr... read all »
Could She Be You?
The unnamed, insignificant (?), Hebrew slave girl of Naaman was the central cause of one of the most unusual Spirit supplied stories in the Old Testament.  Here is what we know about her: 1. She retained faith in God, while serving as a slave in the foreign region of Syria; 2. She was confident of God’s power and knew God’s prophet (Elisha) could cleanse a le... read all »
Something to Consider
This articles relates to something each one of you has—young, old, single, married, rich or poor.  That something is TIME!  It is tied to something else—choices, responsibility, accountability, (Romans 14:10-12; II Corinthians 5:10).  It is also tied to one other sobering factor-Eternity!  Every piece of it-every tick of the clock is ti... read all »
"...And Be Ye Thankful"
The Holy Spirit and Paul in the context of Colossians 3:12-15 gave us multiple reasons to “be thankful.”              Christ made it possible to end all racial, religious, social and domestic division [ending the enmity and alienation], by reconciling us all in one body, the church (carefully read Ephesi... read all »
Communication, Punctuation, and Attitude!
Solomon stated: “ A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in setting of silver” (Prov. 25:11).  Your speech can deeply and sweetly enrich others.  Yet, Solomon adds Proverbs 18:7: “A fools mouth is his destruction and his lips are a snare to his soul.”  James even warns that “out of the mouth comes forth blessing and cursing,” adding, “... read all »
It's School and Study Time Again
It is sincerely hoped that no one will read the Title and assume it relates to school houses and school teachers. God’s people are students “til death do us part!”  Our culture may segment a year to a “in school” or “out of school” concept, but when Christ gives His precious and exceeding great promises for us to take on the Divine Nature, He enroll... read all »