Reflections of 2007
One of my most fun things is to get are Christmas cards from people who compress the past year into “moments to remember”. As I write this article I am trying to recall as much as I can remember that happened to my ‘church’ family this past year. My disclaimer is this, it is as accurate as I am capable of recalling…but we all know I can ... read all »
The Christmas Watch
It’s that time of the year again. I am amazed at how quickly the Christmas Season comes each year, since I’ve grown older. As a kid I thought Christmas would never get here. I called it the “Christmas watch”. I would get all pumped up right after Thanksgiving from all the decorations, music, candies, and commercials on TV. Christmas would arriv... read all »
Light or Not
We have grown so spoiled by our modern conveniences, haven’t we? Think about electricity. It has only been in usage in our homes for a little over a hundred years. Not very long in the overall history of mankind, and yet we never notice it … till it goes off! Back many years ago, when people were first getting electric services delivered locally, two n... read all »